2013 WJR Roundup Champions

The 3rd Annual Will James Roundup was one of the best years yet! We are sure appreciative of all of the sponsors, contestants, and spectators that made this year's event even bigger than last year's! A special 'Thank You' to photgrapher Mary Williams Hyde / Buckaroo Country Photography- to view images from the 2013 Event please visit Mary's website & Facebook page! 
Working Ranch Horse 2013
Rein & Box
 1 Thea Disney BUCKLE
 2 Jerry Gereghty
First Timers
1 Maysa Hagel BUCKLE
1 Garrett Severe BUCKLE
 2 Jeff Fenske
3 Cid Klebenow
1 Jeff Fenske BUCKLE
2 Timber Holmquist
3 Trina Curtin
Junior Horse
1 Tom Curtin  BUCKLE
2 Tom Curtin
3 Tom Curtin
4 Jim Dellera
Bridle Horse
1 MacKabe Severe BUCKLE
2 Clint Kapphan
3 Jim Dellera
Youth Working Ranch Horse
Level 3
1 Gillian Severe BUCKLE
2 Maysa Hagel
Level 2
1 Cora Wood BUCKLE
2 Kaigen Rosskelly
Level 1
1 Bronc Vineyard BUCKLE
2 Joe Howard
3 Ryker Rosskelly
Alessh Howard Case Heupel
Big Loop
 1 Will Croft & Jackson Wald
2 Paul Erickson & Dwight Hill
3 Paul Erickson & Lyman Clark
Dummy Roping
Age 2-6
1 Jax Heupel
2 Liam
3 Audee
 Age 7-8
1 Karina Bassett
2 Joe Howard
 Age 9-10
1 Case Heupel
2 Tate Beck
3 Colt Hando
3 Man Cow Doctoring
 1st Joe Wolters, Nate Wald, & Arne Esp
2nd Taylor Hoatson, Timber Holmquist, & Kelly Holmquist
3rd Paul Erickson, Scott Grosskopf, &  Dwight Hill
2 Man Cow Doctoring
1st Ross Wald, Jackson Wald, & Caleb French
2nd Joe Wolters, Nate Wald, &Arne Esp
3rd Justin Heupel, Lyman Clark, & Shawn Hando
Average Winners
1st Joe Wolters, Nate Wald, & Arne Esp  BUCKLES
Ranch Bronc Riding
Long Go 1st   Ray Wood
Long Go 2nd  Tyrell Waddington
Short Go 1st  Mike Keyser
Short Go 2nd Matt Teter
Average winners
1st Mike Keyser BUCKLE
2nd Matt Teter
3rd Tyrell Waddington
4th Ray Wood
Indian Relay
1st  Kounting Coup
2nd  Cowboys
Steer Stopping
1 Sarah Verhelst  BUCKLE
2 Kellie Roberts
3 Brandi Hunter
Ranch Rodeo
1st  Reid Ranch  BUCKLE
Jess Reid, Kip Hunter, Andy Cook, Justin Palmer, & Tallen Ellis
2nd  Running Iron
Cody Newtson, Ben Monk *, Ryan Rigler, &  Pat Heminger
 3rd  Roberts Ranch
Gene Roberts, Logan Schlinz, Bryan Hail, &  Chris Birkmaier
MacKabe Severe was the Top Hand Northern Range Cowboy Gear Saddle Winner